Understand more about Offset Printing

What Offset Printing is for

For prospective print customers, Offset Printing is better suited for high-volume such as catalogues, magazines, brochures, books, leaflets.

It generally produces more consistent prints when it comes to print quality provided the printers are run by experienced personnel. The ink and each sheet of paper that comes off of an offset press is actually cheaper than that of a digital press.

It costs less to produce high quality when it is done with offset printer methods.

Offset Printing methods

 Offset printing methods uses etched metal plates that apply ink onto a sheet of paper. It requires a considerable amount of setup time and materials. However, the image quality is consistently good as the rubber blanket, on the printing plate, fits itself to the texture of the printing surface, leaving a clean and detailed image every time.

This technique mainly involves an inked image being transferred from a photographic plate to a rubber blanket, and, afterwards, to the paper stock for the final print.

 Disadvantages and Disadvantages of Offset Printing

 Offset printing has advantages and disadvantages where you need an experienced printing company to help guide you in the best way to produce your printing jobs.




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