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Using Offset Printing for large volume printing

Offset Printing - one of many techniques
Offset Printing is one of the many techniques used in printing services. In this method, ink is spread on a metal plate, which has etched images. The matter is then transferred to some intermediary surface, like a rubber blanket. This is then applied to paper by pressing the paper against the intermediate surface.

Offset Printing - in large volumes

Offset printing is mostly used for printing in large volumes. This is a quick method of printing, and requires lesser costs as well. The quality factor is also there for choosing offset printing in place for other printing services. The machines and equipments used in this process are very expensive, and need huge costs to be incurred. But that is one time investment, and the actual printing cost is very less. Hence, it produces quality prints with much lesser costs than the other processes.

Offset Printing - Printing Postcards

Offset printing style was widely used for printing postcards. This practi…

Understand more about Offset Printing

What Offset Printing is for
For prospective print customers, Offset Printing is better suited for high-volume such as catalogues, magazines, brochures, books, leaflets.

It generally produces more consistent prints when it comes to print quality provided the printers are run by experienced personnel. The ink and each sheet of paper that comes off of an offset press is actually cheaper than that of a digital press.

It costs less to produce high quality when it is done with offset printer methods.

Offset Printing methods

 Offset printing methods uses etched metal plates that apply ink onto a sheet of paper. It requires a considerable amount of setup time and materials. However, the image quality is consistently good as the rubber blanket, on the printing plate, fits itself to the texture of the printing surface, leaving a clean and detailed image every time.

This technique mainly involves an inked image being transferred from a photographic plate to a rubber blanket, and, afterwards, to …

Values of Offset Printing

Why offset printing ?

Offset printing is a more efficient and refined operation in generating prints. It is also the most common and practical printing process used by commercial printers for it adequately meets the standards of a desirable print.

Offset Printing - High caliber
At times, it even surpasses it. Offset printing is found on the ideals of dispensing high-volume prints that are also made in high caliber, at a short time. Offset printing is widely used - for personal, commercial or corporate use. You can have business cards, brochures, catalogs, calendars, flyers, postcards and posters among the multitude of products and services you can acquire through printing offset process.

Offset Printing - Multiple Rollers / Cylinders

 Offset printing involves the use of multiple rollers and cylinders, wherein the plate does not come in direct contact with the paper. The inks are "offset" unto a rubber blanket that prints the image unto the paper. Because It works !